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Enjoy the best eco tours in the best destinations of Mexico, such as Cancun, Holbox, Sian Ka’an and many more. Meet the best culture, nature, adventure and multiday tours in this beautiful country, let’s travel Mexico! Let’s travel Mexico!

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EcoColors is actively working to ensure the preservation of our destination and culture for future generations. This equates to more attractive environments and better products.

We are currently working with different NGO´s such as the Mexican Association of Adventure travel and ecoturism, World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, Travel Foundation, Amigos de Sian Kaan, The Coral Reef Alliance and many more in unique training programs on ecotourism, development of best practices, code of ethics and many important actions to achieve or get closer to a sustainable tourism practice. More information is available on each company standards.

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Sustainable development embraces the triple bottom line of environmental conservation, social responsibility, and economic profitability. It is, therefore, essential to address environmental, socio-cultural and economic impacts as part of the holistic approach to sustainable tourism.

When thinking about what kinds of impacts relate to our specific business activities, we consider the following:


  • Environmental impacts: This category encompasses a large portion of our sustainability efforts. It relates to operational impacts on land, air, water, and other organisms. Recycling waste, controlling water usage, minimizing greenhouse gases, and protecting natural ecosystems are all measures that play a role in global environmental processes. Indeed, loss of biodiversity, global warming and climate change, as well as water quality and scarcity are all problems that have a worldwide scope.  Just to mentioned a couple of specific activities EcoColors separates and recycles garbage in our office and trips. We also contribute actively in research projects whale sharks, coral reefs in Puerto Morelos, we also participate with Marine recreation providers on the adoption of voluntary standards that help the reef.